CI Concept

(Cooperate and Identity Concept)

Symbol Mark

The symbol of JJ packaging consists of two J's inter-winding in an elegant curve shape.
The symbolism is intended to impress on customers a concept of elegance and visual simplicity.
The form of the blending of two J's implies Innovation and Creation.
The color gradation and the elegant curve of JJ on a Mobius String theme convey the promise to lead with JJ Packaging’s high-end product quality through Change, Diversity and Doing the Right Thing in our relationship with customers as well as endless Challenge and Development.

World Mark

Using Sans-serif Font which is familiar and not intricate allows to increase legibility.
Even thickness and regular intervals of the letter minimize smudge in order to reduce the size to the minimum.
In order to reduce eye strain, the inc in JJ PACKAGING,INC has thinner font and lower case to decrease the height.




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